Job seekers and small businesses looking to expand by accepting credit cards are often in a vulnerable position. Unscrupulous people and businesses may exploit this vulnerability by offering services under misleading terms, which may include substantial barriers to ending an expensive and exploitative contract. It's essential to examine contracts carefully before signing, and consider reviews of a business carefully- even the bad reviews. What some are calling the Apex Merchant Group scam may be nothing more than clients and employees who did not read the contracts carefully, and are unhappy with the results of that failure.

You may have encountered Apex Merchant Group without knowing it. Apex Merchant Groups does business under many alternate names, including  Appstar Financial, Eliot Management, First Advantage, Merimac Capital, Summit Merchant Solutions, Trans Tech and TransTech Merchant Group.  Some companies use aliases to make their misdeeds harder to track. Their aliases may be buried in the fine print of literature you receive from them, so if you get an offer that sounds too good to be true, look for a variety of alternate names in the fine print or in online reviews.  Other businesses operate under different names to avoid confusion in certain markets. A business may use an alternate name when another business has a similar or identical name, or when the name has a problematic pronunciation or meaning in the local language. The use of several alternate names has been cited as evidence of the Apex Merchant Group scam.

The allegations about a supposed Apex Merchant Group scam involve potential employees and business clients. People in search of a lucrative business opportunity are told by Apex Merchant Group that they offer their sales representatives commissions in advance and pre-arranged appointments with potential clients.  People are often suspicious of any sales position that offers commissions in advance. After a brief interview, sales representatives receive an intense training, and some trainees aren't able to keep up with the fast pace of information. Then supervisors strongly encourage sales representatives to sell, early, often and persistently, admonitions that can seem too strong for those who aren't used to assertive sales personnel and their techniques.

Disgruntled former employees also report being pressured to buy products from Apex Merchant Group and being harassed by supervisors on their days off. Apex Merchant Group does not need sales representatives to buy Apex Merchant Group products, but it is vital that sales people work hard to earn the commissions that Apex Merchant Group pays very promptly. The pre-arranged appointments with potential clients are sometimes canceled at the last-minute by clients, too late to alert the sales representative before they head out. The sales representative has the choice between harassing a client who is clearly not interested and losing a potential sales opportunity. Sales representatives recount being pushed to sell to clients who have vehemently refused to buy anything from Apex Merchant Group. Not everyone is used to aggressive sales techniques that can turn a vehement “no” into a “yes”, but this is what supervisors often demand- that sales representatives be just as hungry for the sales as they are for the earnings.  The client may take out their frustrations on the sales representative, who must have a tough hide to remain in the sales business. It's often those new to sales who are the source of allegations about the supposed Apex Merchant Group scam.

If you are a small business owner, and especially if you are new to running a business, l its chief market. The Apex Merchant Group offers credit card processing services. For many small businesses, being able to process credit cards is a major factor in business viability, especially if you compete with a large chain. But it's important to remember that as much as you need that VISA or Discover logo sticker in your window, credit card processing companies need your business. They make money off of the transactions that come from your business, and are willing to make the deal mutually beneficial to attract clients. Consider carefully any deal that involves fees for equipment use, and be sure you know how to exit the contract if need be. It's business owners who weren't aware of those terms that make allegations about a reported Apex Merchant Group scam.

Apex Merchant Group has earned a grade of “D” from the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau. The number of complaints is the chief reason for the grade. Apex Merchant Group resolved many complaints with former sales representatives and client. Not every sales representative or business client files a complaint, and the majority of  satisfied employees or customers attest to the inaccuracy of the tales of an Apex Merchant Group scam.

Every business gets complaints, so they do what is called “reputation management” to minimize the effect of complaints. When you research the tales of a  Apex Merchant Group scam, you will find reports of happy employees and customers. It is reputation management that helps balance out the loud complaints of a few disgruntled people.

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